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Absorbent Products Glossary

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Pads and rolls

Pads and rolls have various uses. When a spill occurs, socks are used to contain the spill then pads are used to absorb the trapped liquid from the centre. In addition, they are useful for general wiping and for placing dirty / oily components and tools on. We can perforate our rolls in a rip-to-fit format for ease and economy of use.


Socks are ideal for coiling around machinery to contain and absorb any oil leaks and drips. They are also used to form a ring around larger spills to act as an absorbent barrier.


Cushions can be inserted into drip pans and placed under leaking / dripping machinery etc. They are also used together with pads to soak up the centre of the spill which has been encircled with absorbent socks.


Booms are very large socks for absorbing and containing larger spills. Especially suited to absorbing oil from water (OIL ONLY TYPE). They are enclosed in a strong polypropylene netting for durability, and have hooks and rings attached for linking together to form required length. Hooks are placed 30cm in from each end of the boom to form an overlap which acts as an extra barrier against oil escaping.

Spill Kits

Spill Kits are produced using any of the products manufactured by Clear Spill Ltd. They can be tailored to suit individual requirements.