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Spill Control Training

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Spill Response Training

The Clear Spill training course has been designed with first responders in mind. It incorporates the recommended curriculum set out by The British Safety Industry Federation (BSIF) in their Standard.

First Responder to Liquid Spills (click here for link to BSIF)

The BSIF content is augmented with relevant subject matter that we consider to be important together with a wet spill simulation where a range of typical spill response products are deployed. This will allow delegates to evaluate methodology effectiveness and develop their own levels of readiness as first responders or as a spill response team.

The course programme covers everything that an operative needs to know when dealing with an uncontrolled release of a liquid. Elements include safety, environment, spill prevention, response planning, liquid hazard identification, spill containment and recovery, waste disposal and relevant National legislation.

If required the course can be tailored to more suit individual organisations or supervisory or management level delegates. An extra fee will be added dependent upon the preparatory workload required to achieve the additional content. POA.

We provide an attendance certificate to show that each delegate has witnessed, and participated where appropriate, in all elements of the training.

BS OHSAS 18001.

Our course can help organisations demonstrate that they are actively identifying risks to operatives and working at reducing them as required in The 18001 Standard. The Corporate Manslaughter Act is driving management to ensure that everything that can be done to prevent injury or fatality as a result of negligence is put in place.

ISO 14001 Environmental Management (EMS)

Quality training can help in achieving and maintaining Your ISO 14001 certification by highlighting that you have best practices in place to mitigate and limit any environmental impact should a spill occur, that you have prioritised your environment responsibilities seriously and demonstrates that your organisation is credible and ethical.

Our trainer has current certification from The BSIF satisfying their accreditation scheme that the course programme will include all elements of their Standard and that he will deliver these meaningfully to attendees. He also holds a BSc.Honours Degree in Environment Studies and The Diploma in Pollution Control and has been successfully training operatives in safe spill response techniques, liquid hazard identification and prevention planning for over 20 years.